Chapbook Examples

If you are requesting technical assistance with Twine, please specify:
Twine Version: 2
Story Format: Chapbook

Can anyone point me towards some Twine stories that use the Chapbook format? It looks lovely and neat and I’m considering it for a future project, but I’d like to see some examples.


I have some stories I made with them for some kids in my church to play during quarantine, thrown together in a couple of hours each. They’re very low-rated on IFDB, not tested/buggy, and are religious propaganda, but it shows some of the basic structure:

The chapbook tag on IFDB lists 6 other stories, all by John Knudsen, none of which I’ve played:

Edit: Searching itch for chapbook, there’s a $5 poetry game:

Editedit: Oh, and at a summer camp at my school we all made chapbook games, I posted a bunch of them here:

(about half are chapbook, the rest are bitsy or random. You’ll need to click the Fullscreen button to get the chapbook ones to work)


Thanks for these! I didn’t think to use “Chapbook” as an IFDB search criteria, as I it hadn’t occurred to me that anyone might use a Twine story format as a tag!

Chapbook is a very nice looking, book-like format.

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