Chaosium running "Basic Roleplaying Design Challenge"

I got an email via DriveThruRPG today plugging Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying Design Challenge, deadline May 31, 2024.

I haven’t made an RPG rulebook for… 35 years? So I’m not in. But I know there are a lot of D+Ders and such on here who could be interested. Email below, with link:

This week we announced The Basic Roleplaying Design Challenge.

The goal of the BRP Design Challenge is to financially assist new and upcoming creators in bringing their BRP-based games to independent publication (be that digital or print). Chaosium seeks to empower designers from all walks of life, with original ideas, concepts, and systems, with the goal of seeing all shortlisted entries eventually published independently.

We’re offering over $10,000 in prizes: $500 to up to 10 shortlisted projects, a further $2000 to three winners, and $500 for a people’s choice award. Winners also receive a trophy.

Entry to the BRP Design Challenge is free and all entrants including winners retain ownership of their work in its entirety. Chaosium does not require the signing over of rights of any kind in order to enter the BRP Design Challenge.

For more information including FAQ and application form see our Basic Roleplaying Design Challenge page at