Hi. So I have put together my first IF called Chaos. I am a student attending the University at Buffalo studying computer science. My interest lay in combining the logical formation of a programming language with the creative, artistic, and self expressive side to writing an IF.

The intent of this IF was to make an atmospheric game reminiscient of some of my favorite filmmakers such as Takashi Miike, David Lynch and Alejandro Jodorowsky. I can’t say for sure it achieved that goal. Anyway, I did not have anyone test it but I assure that it is playable and can be finished. It is largely plotless and does not feature any real puzzles. I just felt the urge to throw it out there in case anyone is interested. Also, self expression should never be amiss no matter the quality imo. Feedback is appreciated but not expected.

My email:

Sincerely, John Barker

Some potential players may either be polishing up their IFComp entries or testing for others right now, so if you don’t get much feedback yet, you might try announcing it again in late November. :slight_smile:

I figured that much. I didn’t consider the game good enough, probably relating to a lack of testers and me being relatively inexperienced with Inform, to be entered into the IFcomp which is why I wasn’t expecting any feedback. Just another amateur game to check out.

Well, I just played most of your game, or at least quite a bit of it. For a first game, I think it’s far from bad. Granted, this is coming from someone who turned out an unplayably buggy little game with a premise that was just as abstract and even more cliched. You were smart enough not to enter your game in the competition, at least. :slight_smile:

It’s interesting that a fair number of simple games by first-time authors seem to be surreal. I actually think the surreal genre has more potential than a lot of people give it. It could only work as a genre in IF, but I believe it can work. I really don’t mind apparently absurd abstractions in a game. If the author can pull off a symbolic scheme, I actually like it.

I’ll explain my situation in the game, and you can tell me how to get unstuck, if you want. :wink:

[spoiler]I discovered the message “The great (someone) commends those who seek the supernatural for help. Pray and my powers will be (something).” on the cauldron, but praying doesn’t do anything useful in that room. I already found the wooden flower, the recipe book, the spoon, the white knight, and the merry-go-round. The white knight can be put in the cauldron, but that doesn’t seem to affect anything.

In the city room, the woman is interested in the recipe book when I try to show it to her or give it to her, but I don’t know how to make her take it. I’m assuming that the book is the thing she wants to “exchange” for; I may be wrong.

I don’t know what to do about the vulture.[/spoiler]

I’ve got a log of my progress so far. I left comments in the log regarding bugs and incongruities if you want to see it. I could send you the log now, or I could wait until I finish the game. I deeply appreciated the transcript of Dreary Lands that Merk sent me after I emailed him about the review he wrote of my game.

Anyways, your game is much less buggy than mine was, and it’s wonderfully free of obvious spelling and grammar errors. Good job!

Hi John…
I’ve already sent you a private msg. regarding your search for Betatesters, but then I thought that his little info might come in handy to all forum members.

Here you can ask for beta testers, and give a fwe information on your games so you have a better chance of getting the right Beta tester for your game.
I’ve used it once or twice and it seems pretty much ok.