changing the command prompt / concatenating text [solved]

Hi all, newbie here…

I am trying to imitate a computer command prompt and I’m having some difficulties.
I defined the folders as enterable containers and I worked out how to parse the visibility-holders to create the text C:\folder1\folder2 but the problem now is how to make it look good.

I tried two approachs:

[] I can use a double while if I just want to say the folders in the correct order, but I can’t create a text variable with the “C:\folder1\folder2” text since I can’t append two text variables together (trying something like Now text1 is “[text1][text2]” goes into an infinite loop) so at the end of this I can’t assign the text to the command prompt variable.
] I can use an indexed text if I just want to use a single while and hold the full text in a variable, but I can’t assign it to the command prompt variable since it won’t let me assign an indexed text into a text.
[*] I can’t avoid the line break before saying the command prompt since it seems to be in code out of reach.

What are my options? It’s frustrating being stuck in such a thing, I think I can write new code without problems, but when it comes to intercept/replace rules from the standard rules or the engine it becomes uphill.

Thanks in advance :wink:

David C.

If you set the command prompt variable to “C:[textvar]”, you won’t run into an infinite loop. That string is not an indexed text, but the variable you reference in there is allowed to be.

Or you can set the command prompt variable to “[prompt string]”, and then write

To say prompt string: […any code you want]

Thanks! you made my day!

I went for the second option and while I still have to iron out some issues, it’s mostly working right now…

Thanks! :laughing:

David C.