Changing the command JUMP to JUMP SOMETHING

I know I’ve asked a similar question before, but now I can’t find that thread. I want the PC to be able to JUMP SOMETHING or JUMP OVER SOMETHING, and Inform will not let me redefine it to include a noun. I’ve tried a lot of things, all in the vein of:

Understand the command "jump" as something new. Understand "jump [something]" as jumping. Jumping is an action applying to one visible thing.

No matter how I modify this, I get

that seems to be an action already existing, so it cannot be redefined now.

I know this is doable, and it’s vexing me that I can’t find my earlier question or remember what verb I did this with in an earlier project. Please help despite the fact that I repeat questions.

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“Understand the command “jump” as something new” means that when the player types “jump” it doesn’t invoke the preexisting jumping action, but that’s just changing the grammar - it doesn’t eliminate the jumping action from the standard rules. Easiest thing is probably to give the new action a distinct name like “jumping-over”.

EDIT: I’m not sure what other grammar is associated with jumping, but you can also write “understand nothing as jumping” if you want to prevent the player from accessing the objectless jumping action at all (or you might want to write some rules to redirect it, depending on the game and design).


Yeah, giving the new action a distinctive name is the easiest way to do it.

Leaping over is an action applying to one thing.
Understand "jump over/-- [something]" as leaping over.

This is why conversation extensions have come up with so many different synonyms (“questioning it about”, “interrogating it about”, etc): it’s easier to just define your own action with its own name separate from Inform’s preconceptions.


Ah, thanks, y’all. I definitely did this before and forgot I needed to create a new action. My brain is like a sieve-- if I don’t use something all the time, it’s gone.

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