Changing "Save to Disk/Load to Disk" text?

Twine Version: 2.3.14
Story Format: Sugarcube 2.34.1

Is there a way to change the literal text for the “Save to Disk” and “Load to Disk” buttons in the save dialogue box? I’ve checked the built-in stylesheet, the Save API documentation, and tried using Inspect, but I’m still not sure where that information is actually stored or how I can change it! Thanks in advance for any help!

You’ll want to check the localized strings object (l10nStrings) and change the appropriate properties. See the localization guide.

For example, place the following into your Story JavaScript:

l10nStrings.savesLabelExport = 'Save to Disk\u2026';
l10nStrings.savesLabelImport = 'Load from Disk\u2026';

Those are the default values, which you can change.

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Thank you so much!