Changing Inform's default parser responses

I could probably look this up in the documentation myself, but how do you change default parser messages in Inform? I’m looking at the message that displays when you try to interact with something that’s not around in particular (i.e., “You can’t see any such thing.”)

Rule for printing a parser error when the latest parser error is the can't see any such thing error:
     say "I don't see it." instead.

Documentation §18.15. Issuing the response text of something
§18.35. Printing a parser error

To get a list of all responses, you can type RESPONSES ALL when in the Inform 7 editor (it won’t work after you’ve published it, I think).

Brian, the only problem there is RESPONSES ALL shows the following for the parser error:

parser error internal rule response (E): "[We] [can't] see any such thing."

That won’t help you write the rule to replace it. You have to reference the name of the parser error (which are all listed in §18.35).

That is more useful! I’ve always just guessed-and-checked for the internal error’s uses. Some of them are extremely obscure, so I appreciate the additional resource.

You can just directly set the response instead of rewriting the rule. Just say

Parser error internal rule response (E) is "You seem to have used a description that either refers to something that isn't visible or that I can't understand at all."
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Thank you, this seems to be just what I need.