Changing capitalization of a player entered variable on the fly

using twine 2.6.2, harlowe 3.3.5

i was wondering if there’s any way to make an entered variable display differently text case wise? the game i’m currently working on has a name entry prompt, but one of the characters that would address the player by this name speaks in all caps. is there any way for me to get the $name variable to occasionally display in all caps without it being entered as such, or is that not possible?
thanks in advance!

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This website will be your best friend until you get your Harlowe legs under you.

Harlowe Manual

And don’t be afraid to use your browser’s Find feature by pressing CTRL+F. It’s the best way to find what you’re looking for in the manual.

In reference to your question, use (uppercase: $name)Harlowe: Uppercase

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THANK YOUUUU i figured there had to be a macro for it Somewhere but i get overwhelmed looking at the lists & online guides sometimes so i rly appreciate it :'D

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