Change to first person pov?

I’ve been narrating my game in first person (“I see a door”, “I walk across the room”) because I think it’s easier to tell a good story that way than with second person (“You see a door,” “You walk across the room”) but the text the game autogenerates is still in second person. Anybody know a way to change it all to first person? Thanks!

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You can do that like this:

When play begins:
	now the story viewpoint is first person singular.

If you also want to change the tense, you can add: now the story tense is past tense (for example).
Chapter 14.1 lists all possibilities:


That’s so weird. I swear I tried that, but it didn’t work. I guess I got a word wrong or something. Thanks!

Do be aware that if the tense/viewpoint changes during the game you can tokenize pronouns and verbs so the parser can toggle correctly, such as "[We] [examine] the mailbox."

I ran headlong into this in my Cragne Manor submission.

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This is also supported in Inform6

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Not really related, but it’s always amused me how by default, the parser refers to itself in the first person. “That’s not a verb I recognize”, “I beg your pardon?” etc. :laugh:

I couldn’t come up with a decent replacement for that.

So long as we’re on this tangent, I always liked the second-person with the parser speaking in first person. Makes it feel a little bit like you’re roleplaying with a real person.

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I would venture that’s exactly what they were going for.