Change StoryCaption button colours and size to be identical regardless of text length

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Twine Version: 2.34.1
Story Format: SugarCube

Hey there! As the title suggests, I have a couple of buttons on my sidebar that I’m using over StoryMenu buttons due to the ability to show/hide them with simple variables.

However, they look very jarring with their different sizes and bright colours, and I would like them to resemble the Story Menu buttons like so:


I’ve been digging around HiEv’s amazing [sample code]( Menu) but I don’t believe it’s covered there.

Is this possible with some clever stylesheet editing?

You can do that with StoryMenu. E.g.,

<<if $showAppearance>>…link…<</if>>
<<if $showInventory>>…link…<</if>>

Excuse me while I go cover my head in shame.

Mad thanks though! :smiley: