Change font size in Gargoyle?

I’ve come across two games in Spring Thing 2022 (ADRIFT and Wry) that have very small default font sizes.

With FROTZ it’s just a matter of clicking “View” in the top left corner of the window and change the font size under “Options”.

I can’t see a similar quick fix in the Gargoyle window. Can anyone tell me how to enlarge the font in Gargoyle?

(Due to technical difficulties I’m playing on my son’s laptop. I don’t want to clutter it up with a whole bunch of interpreters so I’m going with all-purpose Gargoyle for now.)

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This is, unfortunately, one of Gargoyle’s large weaknesses. It’s still configured via a text file, so it’s not as simple as clicking a few buttons.

But it’s not extraordinarily difficult, either! Assuming you’re using version 2022.1, Gargoyle has a hotkey that will open a text editor to the configuration file. On Windows/Unix this is control-comma, and on Mac it’s command-comma. In the config file, there will be lines that start “propsize” and “monosize”, representing the size of the proportional and monospace fonts. You can increase these for a larger font size. You’ll have to restart Gargoyle after making changes.

I’ll look into how feasible it’d be to add a shortcut to increase/decrease the font size, though I can’t say offhand how difficult it’d be. Eventually (I keep saying) I want Gargoyle to have a full blown GUI config, but that’s a very large undertaking.


Works like a charm!

Thank you very much.

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