Change Default Output of UNDO

Is there an way to change the output to the player, when they type ‘undo’ and it is disabled. Don’t care much for the word prohibited. :wink:

  • np
The immediately undo rule response (A) is "The use of UNDO is prohibited in this game."

Wow. Thanks Daniel.

As a follow-up, where would I search/look for answers of that sort?

I could have missed it – but I did not find that kind of info in the manual or in the recipe book.

  • np

Start a game (you could type “Lab is a room.” and hit GO) and type “RESPONSES ALL” at the command prompt. This will give you a giant list of every message response in the Standard Rules (and any extensions that use responses). You can ctrl-F for the message you want to modify.

See also chapter 14 of the manual on Adaptive Text and Responses.

Very nice. Thanks Matt.