Celestianpower's review: Wish

Hereby follows my review of Wish :slight_smile:.

I honestly don’t quite know what to make of “Wish”. You’re cast as a 9 year-old girl in some sort of enchanted woodland, with seemingly no goal. Normally I require a goal from the start in order to like a game, but this one seems to get away with it. Right from the start it gives you know it’s a dream-world, so you can just walk around and enjoy the scenery. The writing style really makes you believe that you’re that girl, with short sentences, and a general tone of wonder. It’s really rather clever.

So, you wander around this world, solving a few puzzles (which are “child’s play”, appropriately), and then you get a cutscene, where the author shows that (s)he can in fact write “properly”. The game progresses so, with more easy puzzles and more cutscenes. It’s all rather cute. Then the game ends. 20 minutes of play. Hmm.

In terms of coding, it’s pretty sound. Personally, I like the individual coding of each scenery object, but h(is/er) method of “You see nothing special about…” works too. There are so few things, though, that this isn’t much of an issue. I ran it smoothly from start to finish no problem.

Well, all things considered, and cute, but strange and bemusing game, which I enjoyed, but I can’t really put my finger on why. Maybe I just like quaintness. Anyway, I’ve rambled. I scored it a 6.