Categories with low votes in IFDB Awards (5 hours to vote)

According to the IFDB award rules, games with low votes may possibly not have a winner declared if the number of votes are low. Low votes can mean that no game has 5 or more votes and/or it can mean that there are less than 10 votes total.

Having low votes is okay; categories are automatically included based on number of games and not based on player interest, so sometimes we get categories that people just don’t care about. It’s okay to just let them go into the gentle night.

The current categories that would not have a winner awarded if the competition ended right now are:

In contrast, the top poll (Outstanding Game of the Year) has 80+ votes with 11 votes for the top game so far.

The awards end February 17th, so get your votes in before then!


(Updated again)
The following categories seem to have reached the required votes now:
Bitsy, Gruescript, Texture, Inform 6, ADRIFT, Children’s

The following categories are very close:
rpg, Ren’Py, Spanish, German


Note that the link to known eligible games for “Outstanding Children’s Game” has increased after adding genre “children’s” to most TALP23 comp games. So people relying on those links may want to check that category again:


Thanks for everyone voting! The voting deadline closes in just a few hours.

These polls are still missing some votes:

Outstanding Spanish Game of 2023 (votes attained)
Outstanding RPG of 2023 (votes attained)
Outstanding Game in a Custom System of 2023 (few votes, probably won’t make it)
Outstanding Moiki Game of 2023 (one vote away)
Outstanding Ren’py Game of 2023 (Votes attained)
Outstanding Unity Game of 2023 (no game has more than 1 vote, almost certainly won’t make it)

In the mean time the vote for Outstanding Game of the Year has been neck and neck between its top two, going back and forth constantly. If you have strong opinions, this may be a good one to vote in!