Cat Simulator 2016

hi! today i published a twine story called cat simulator 2016 and wanted to see what people thought of it:

i originally gave it to a friend as a gift, who i asked if it was okay to release as well.

this is my first publicly released work of interactive fiction and it’s pretty short. i’ve written other little things in inform 7, but nothing i got to a point where i felt it was releasable. if you’ve got several minutes to spare to check this out and comment, whether it’s “i liked it” or “i didn’t like it” or bugs you noticed or whatever else you think is proper, i’d appreciate it :slight_smile:


The one comment I’d make is that maybe the undo arrow could be darker; the first time I saw it mentioned I was looking around for a while before I noticed it. Though this may also have something to do with the nighttime settings on my computer screen.

Also, kitty!

thanks for the input! i suspect this isn’t the only twine default i should have tweaked. i’ll keep it in mind and see if i can fiddle with it.

There’s already a game called “Cat Simulator” though.

“Cat Petting Simulator 2014” and “Cat Simulator 3000”.

Trust me, there are PLENTY of Twine games with repeated names. Don’t sweat it. There are six “Escape” games (and a seventh called “Escape (Extended)”, six “Lost” games and four “Sleep” games. These just the ones off the top of my head.

I liked this! The bath ending made me laugh. It was fun to slink around as a cat for a few minutes. I liked how the story options branched out into complete phrases that filled out the description.

yeah i wasn’t too worried about it, even though this game isn’t really a simulator XD

at first i was planning to have that choice lead to a positive ending, but later i thought about it some more and came up with that :smiley:

you mean like in the living room? i did enjoy writing the little quips for those :slight_smile:

thanks to heartless zombie for creating an ifdb listing!

A nice fun little game! I played through a couple of the endings. Well done for a first Twine game. :slight_smile:

thanks! this positive feedback is making me want to write more :slight_smile:

Please do!