Castle Adventure - seeking help

Bainespal said he couldn’t [spoiler]get into the mess hall. I found the mess hall okay, as it is not in a locked area (get onto the battlements, then follow them south - they will take you on a loop around and through the mess hall, eventually ending at a locked door to the guardhouse.

My problems are:

  1. I can’t unlock the door to the guardhouse. I tried the gold key again, and also using the knife.

  2. I haven’t been able to get past the dog. Whether I give it the sausage or throw it the sausage, it immediately returns to its post after eating my sausage.

  3. A hint mentions ‘under the kitchen’ but I assume I haven’t seen the kitchen because it’s past the dog?[/spoiler]

Any player guidance appreciated.

  • Wade

EDIT - Oops wait! Re: the dog, I just solved the problem by throwing the sausage south (into the pit.)

Okay I solved this game now, walking about 50 game km in the process and taking 854 moves. Whew.

  • Wade

Yes, my problem was the same.