Carriage return types in extensions: do they matter?

I have a feeling this is a potentially dumb question, but I realized I always used unix-style line endings for extensions, because the Inform IDE used unix-style line endings for

But now I’ve been using git source control more frequently, it keeps converting the line endings to Windows after a commit. I guess I’ve gotten a bit tired of seeing this text–it’s a bit distracting.

I don’t suspect there’s any reason why line endings in the extensions would make any difference, as I assume the inform compiler–or the interpreter that converts I7 to I6–is equipped to deal with this, but is there a quick and snappy way to make 100% sure of things, or an example that could hit me on the head so I can move on from this silly worry?


You can disable the automatic converting in git:

$ git config core.autocrlf false


Whoah, thanks. I still haven’t done much playing with git config, and this was the poke I needed to look at it more. There were other things I wondered could be changed in git, and I know where to look now.