Care to beta-test the new Headspace OS?

Greetings beta-testers,

Introducing Headspace OS: The Operating System for The Mind, powered by GPT-4.

I’ve compiled the 172 page Headspace OS Core Rulebook and pre-loaded it into chatGPT. The results are outstanding. It’s like a text adventure game, where you can teleport anywhere, summon anyone, and create anything.

Those wishing to see the Core Rulebook, and get access to Headspace OS for beta-testing (and reviewing), private message me, Prof. De”Lusion.

More on the project in private.

It an enchanting interactive audio book experience. And it’s an open world so you can go on daily missions into the infinite realms of headspace.

Prof. Sirius De’Lusion
(Erik von Markovik)


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