Can't use Plurality extension

I’m learning Inform for the first time with intent to make an RPG-lite dungeon crawler. I wanted to use ShadowChaser’s Basic Characters extension as a foundation for characters stats, but it requires Emily Short’s Plurality (which I gather has been rendered obsolete in some way by I7). If I include Plurality, I get a code 10 failure.

Is there a workaround to get Basic Characters running, or an alternative foundation for character stats that you would recommend?

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Plurality is now included within Inform 7 so you don’t actually need the extension. Extensions can be written to require other extensions which is what you are encountering. I don’t know if this would work, but you might try editing your copy of the Basic Characters extension and delete the line Include Plurality by Emily Short. which should be right near the top.

You may still encounter other problems which you might be able to correct yourself in the extension. I believe that one hasn’t been updated in years, so you might need to try and get in contact with ShadowWolf or see if there’s an unlisted update somewhere if there’s a blog.

Just checked - there is an ifWiki page for ShadowWolf, but the blog linked to no longer exists.

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Thank you for your assistance! I’ll try the things you’ve mentioned to see what I can do. I appreciate your help.