Can't remove Blue Borders around buttons with link functionality Sugarcube 2.31.1

I can’t get rid of these god-awful blue frames around my buttons. Help!

It’s actually just all buttons. I’ve tried like 20 variations ‘outline: none’ in various places in my CSS. so I don’t know what causes them.

I had the exact same problem in one of my projects a while ago, fortunately, I managed to find an answer here: How to remove 1px border on default SugarCube 2 menu buttons?? (hide menu, back/forward, and saves) - Twine Q&A

(In short, it’s border: none, HiEv’s linked answer shows how to apply it to menu/passage buttons)

I want to remove the 1px blue line from around the buttons in the center. Im fine with the UI bar.

Okay, so for buttons within passages, you should put the following in your story stylesheet:

.passage button
border: none;