Can't include Questions?

This puzzles me:


Include Questions by Michael Callaghan.

Example Location is a room.

I just downloaded Questions from and installed it using the menu option in Inform. But when I try to compile, I get this:

I can open Questions from the Open Extension menu item, but it is not listed under Installed Extensions in the Extensions tab.

Mac? Windows? Which version of the IDE? (Are you using my Mac hacked version?)

Mac. About box says: Inform (1.5/6.33/6L02). I don’t think I’m using your hacked version, but I installed it when it came out and then kind of forgot about it. Is there a way to check?

I called it “”, which was supposed to be a hint.

If the About box says “6L02” but games compile saying “build 6L38”, then it’s my hacked version. That works with the extensions I had installed, but I didn’t try installing new ones using the app.

I don’t have that. Where do I get it?

See post:

Also, installing extensions in that app does work correctly for me. I didn’t try “Questions” though.

Ok, I see the problem – it’s not the app. The extension has an extra space in the header line:

Version 5 of Questions  (for Glulx only) by Michael Callaghan begins here.

This causes it to install as “Questions .i7x”. Delete that space and reinstall the extension.

It’s probably worth reporting this as a bug. Stray whitespace generally shouldn’t be significant.