Can't figure out how Reactable Quips should work

I recently installed Reactable Quips by Michael Martin, but it isn’t working. I always get the problem message saying:

In Section 1 - Quips in the extension Reactable Quips by Michael Martin:

Then it leads to this line of code:

A quip is a kind of value. The quips are defined by the Table of Quip Texts. The specification of quip is "Represents a line or exchange of dialogue, which may be linked to other quips via followups or linked to ask or tell responses." (But, this is written in the extension’s source code, and I’m not sure how to fix it or if there’s some sort of thing I should write in my code.)

As well as this line of code (specifically, the line about greetings):

Table of Quip Texts (continued) quip quiptext greeting "'Why, hello there!'" discuss weather "'Looks like rain, or my name isn't George Washington.'" standoff "'What's it to you, Mac?'" silence "You decide to remain silent for the moment." (which is in my code, I copied it directly from Michael’s documentation)


That is a mistake in the extension’s documentation. You can’t have a quip called “greeting” because it’s also a property of people. (It’s also possible that it worked in the release of I7 that was current when the extension was last updated.)

It works if you just change the word “greeting” in the table to something else.

Great! Thanks :slight_smile: