Can't Even Begin

I have just started trying to use Inform 7. I downloaded it and wrote a bit of test code. I didn’t think I’d run into problems so soon. My Source screen currently says thus:

[code]“The First Room” by Matthew my last name

The Sewing Room is a room.
There is a Sewing Machine in The Sewing Room.[/code]
I can click the Go button and it will show me the compiling progress code. However, it does not switch the right side of the screen to Game mode. Clicking the Game tab button yields no result. The same goes for the Index tab. Am I doing something wrong, or is something wrong with my copy of the compiler?

This is a Mac interpreter bug. See the thread:

For now, it’s easiest to download the previous version (6E59). Or you can follow the instructions in that thread to produce a Frankencompiler.

Thank you so very much for the quick answer, and I’m sorry for repeating the thread… I tried to find if there was another one, but they all seemed like more complicated problems, I’m not much good at understanding all of that I7IDE6E72os10.5.8 jargon. I’m off to get my slightly-previous version. :smiley:

No, no, thank YOU for bringing up this issue. Hopefully if enough people complain, it will get fixed.

Speaking of complaining, is this listed in Mantis?

I don’t know about Mantis, but I had private correspondence with Andrew Hunter about it weeks ago. It’s not a mystery. What’s a mystery to me, frankly, is why such a major stumbling block hasn’t been fixed with an interim maintenance release of Inform.

In the meantime, if you need to run 6E72 on a Mac, you can use the workaround I documented, again weeks ago – installing the 6E59 IDE and then replacing the compiler and Standard Rules.