Can't Download Twine Game as HTML File (Publish to File Not Working)

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Story Format: Harlowe 3.3.0

Hello there! Running into another problem with Twine. I published my last game a couple months ago with no problem with downloading but now for my new game, I can’t download it as a HTML file even though I have changed nothing since last time until now. Every time I press “Publish to File” on the desktop version of Twine, it only gives me the option to save as “All Files (* . *)” So I updated my Twine desktop app I have been using this whole time, thinking maybe it was because I hadn’t updated in a bit and I saw there was a recent update. But even though I’ve updated, I ran into the same problem. I’m on a windows computer, by the way. Let me know if there is any more info I can provide that can help solve the problem. Thank you!

Well, somehow since I last posted, saving to “All Files” actually creates a html file…However, it’s not worked before and I’m worried it may not work again so in case anyone else runs into this problem, at least this will be here and someone may reply with a solution!

Update: It didn’t work again…thankfully this was just a practice to see if it was working for good or not. Going to be sticking to the online editor (whose import does work) until I get an answer! Thank you!

I’m in Sugarcube so I don’t know if there’s much of a difference - same IDE.

In my experience, “Publish to File” brings up the dialog that wants you to browse to where you want to save and give the file a name. I have set up a “Publish” folder so I click on index.html as the destination and it saves over that, so my files are always in the same place.

I’m also on Mac so it may be different, but that is the screen I get when hitting “Publish to File”. It goes to my Publish folder because it remembers that’s the last place I navigated to. You should be able to browse somewhere on your desktop or in the file structure where you want to save it and name the file anything or click an existing file to overwrite.