Canonical spot for extensions?

On the documentation tab it says "for more extensions, visit: Lots of stuff there, which is pretty cool. Then I went to this post: Inform 7 6L02 Third Party Extension Compatibility List. It points me to GitHub. Then says: “Some extensions have been fixed and submitted to this github repository, but they have not yet been listed in either of the official extension libraries.”

“Either” of the official extension libraries? So there are two official extension locations? Is that referring to GitHub and the extensions site? It seems to imply that GitHub is not official. I saw another post that talks about a “Public Library” of extensions as well but it wasn’t clear if that meant the Inform site or something else. It sounds like if I want stuff that’s in the best working state, I should focus on GitHub. That true?

I had the same problem at the beginning.
I think that the situation is more or less the following:

  • To get the extensions for the 6G60 release go to the site.
  • To get the extensions for the 6L02 release go to the Public Library. If you don’t use Mac, you can find them here (but soon the Windows client will be updated – I hope)
  • To get the most recent updates and works in progress, visit

The first official extension location is at the web site which you already found, and the second is the Public Library that’s built-in to the Mac IDE (and coming to Windows and Linux later). The GitHub repository is not official.

I believe the plan is for the Public Library to contain only extensions that are known to be compatible with whatever is currently the latest version of Inform, and the current extension page starts to serve more as an archive for out-of-date extensions. Once all IDEs support the Public Library it’s likely that it starts to take a more visible role on the web page.

If you’re on Windows or Linux the instructions to access the Public Library are in this thread.