Cannot change MAX_PROP_TABLE_SIZE for some reason

I have a bit of a problem with memory usage in my game at the moment - I can’t use MAX_PROP_TABLE_SIZE to increase my memory allowance. For some reason it’s stuck at 30000, no matter what I set it to (I even tried 99999999999). This means that I have to keep quoting out regions after I have tested them. I was hoping this bug had gone but just now it came back. Can anyone tell me what might be going on as this has ground me to a halt? :confused:

Hm. Not sure what is going on, but just to be sure I’ll point out that the constant mentioned in the Inform 7 IDE bug report is not necessarily the same as the one that is limiting you. You need to look at the progress report to see which constant you actually need to increase.

Oh, thanks a lot! It was actually stuck on MAX_STATIC_DATA. :stuck_out_tongue: Wish it had told me that before.

Glad that was it! The error report does mention the fact that you have to check the actual output, I believe, but I agree it is easy to miss.

Someone should file a feature request to make that error message report the correct symbol.