"Candle flames in windless air"

So back in January 2016, I whipped out a quick n’ dirty adaptation of the then recently-aired Doctor Who episode “Heaven Sent” for the New Year’s Minicomp. (I’d spoil the premise here for why this made sense, but it might be rude for people who’ve not seen it, so I won’t.) Then I expanded it into a much longer, more interesting version with umpteen endings, had some people gametest it, was told that it made no sense to anyone who wasn’t a Doctor Who fan, and ended up sitting on the thing for a year while I got on with life.

Eventually I realised that this was silly and I ought to go ahead and finish the game that I always wanted to make in the first place. So I did that and it’s on IFDB now. ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?id=vvhc5d9zhnhtdr5i (I may revisit it to clean up any loose ends, but it’s esssentially done now.)

Think a fanwank version of “Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle,” with a dollop of Hitchhiker’s (regarding flavour and implementation, if not puzzles), and you have the basic idea of what I was going for. I definitely learned a lot about Inform while doing it, and I’m looking forward to my next game.

If anyone plays it, hope you like it!