Can you send a message here in the forum to a group of people?

I’m in a betatest phase of a game. Can I send a message to a whole group? The forum also doesn’t allow me to send duplicate messages to single users. It’s a kind of anti-spam filter I guess …

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If you go to the Messages tab (the overview) on your profile page and click “New Message”, then there’s a text field where you can add several users. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I think that should work.

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Yeah, it works! Thanks!

You can send private messages to multiple users, and it will behave exactly like a thread does. Enter multiple user names into the field where it says “Add a user”. The forum will suggest auto-complete for existing usernames. You can also include groups like @moderators and everyone in the group will see it, and remove users once they’ve been entered using the X to the right of their name.

Screen Shot 2021-08-28 at 9.58.08 AM

I also believe the original author of a PM can remove people from a group message thread later on (like several messages in), but that may require a specific forum user trust level.

The forum will frequently alert if you’re posting a message that matches something that’s been posted previously. In most cases you can override that. We have a lot of historical archives that match questions people might ask.

I’ve never run into that with private messages. It likely is a security measure like @Mikawa suggested and could be based on your user-trust level. I may not have encountered that as an Admin, but I rarely PM the same exact message to multiple users.