Can you postpone the story title, name of the author, etc...?

I want my credits (story title, genre, author´s name) to appear in a significative moment because I think it could be more immersive and interesting, but I don´t know if that´s even possible. Anyone did something like that?


Yes! The simplest version of this sort of thing is shown off in the example “Bikini Atoll” here.

You can also change the format of the banner text along the lines explicated here.

It’s important to credit the people who put together Inform, but there are all sorts of creative and exciting ways to do it!


I like how that solution plays with a meta element. I will explore my own personal way to display the information and I will not forget to credit the great minds behind Inform. Thank you very much!

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Prior to 10.1’s release, Graham was quoted as saying the banner requirement would be dropped in the eventual open source release.

RB 11.1 still says:

It is traditional that the banner must appear eventually (and one of the few requirements of the Inform licence is that the author acknowledge Inform somewhere, for which the banner is sufficient)

but I think that’s an oversight. I filed a documentation bug last month soliciting clarification (I7-2249).

I wrote a Custom Banner and Version extension to facilitate modifying them, but it’s for 9.3/6M62; I haven’t yet updated it for v10.


Thank you for let me know, Zed. As I am writing in Spanish -and I need the translated extension- I have to use an Inform7 version that works well on my Mac, so I feel obliged to insert the banner. Well, I am glad to do it, it is not a problem, but I wanted to do something a little different with it.

Thanks for your own extension. It looks very interesting and maybe I could use it in my game.

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