Can you make the player invisible?

I know the standard rules forbid the player´s invisibility, but is there any way to circumvent this?

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What is the effect you’re after? If you just want the game to say “you can’t see yourself” when examining yourself or a mirror, that’s easy.

A person can be unseen.
The description of the player is "[if the player is unseen][We]['re] invisible![else]The usual.[end if]".

carry out examining the mirror when the player is unseen: say "[We] [see] the reflection of the room, but not [ourselves].";
  now examine text printed is true.

If you want some effect on NPCs, that’s probably more complicated, but we’d have to hear what you want to be able to say anything helpful.


Thanks, Zed. I would like the player to remain invisible to other NPC´s to move freely between locations without triggering reactions or string of dialogs. Until now I did this working on each situation, but I was wondering if there is any way to save part of the effort.


I don’t think there’s anything in the standard rules that makes NPCs aware of the player, so yeah, Zed’s approach seems like the simplest thing to me. Depending on how you’ve got those npc actions set up, you can probably make them all conditional on player visibility pretty easily - like if they’re an every turn rule, just change the preamble to “every turn when the player is not unseen” or whatever.


Along with the creation of an unseen property as in my previous example, you can add when the player is not unseen to the end of all the rules that would make the NPC react to the player.

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Thank you both for your help. I think this creative approach could be fruitful. I would try something similar to what you propose. Hopefully I could save up some time!