Can you have multiple tags work on an individual passage in twine 2 Harlowe 3.1.0


I am making a text adventure/rpg, but I am having trouble adding multiple tags work on an individual passage. I am using Twine 2 Harlowe 3.1.0

For example, I am making a title screen passage. I added a startup tag and a specific css stylesheet tag, however only one or the other works at a time on the title screen passage.

Is it possible to have multiple tags work on an individual passage?

Thank you.

I’m pretty sure you can, the example I’m referencing comes from this article on Inventory systems. It’s the very end of Paragraph 3…

While startup is a built-in reserved tag (same for footer/header which I never could get to work right); my understanding is you need code like in the above example to make it work.

Besides missing commands, my biggest issue with Twine so far is the line spacing. Even if included inside {...code...}, lines of code that don’t appear on the screen still mess up the spacing - mostly vertically, but sometimes horizontally too.

Anyways…hope that gives you some insight to your issue.

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Twine (the GUI application) has nothing to do with how ‘line spacing’ (line-breaks) within Passage content is handled, that is totally under the control of the Story Format you chose to built your project with and each story format has it’s own methods for handling unwanted line-breaks.

The {...code...} markup method you mentioned is unique to Harlowe.

Thank you Aaelefein that helped. Also I was planning to create an inventory so It was pretty much hitting two birds with one stone. Thanks again.