Can you complete the chart?

There are three types of Genres I’m interested, Medieval/Colonial history fiction with primitive tech, Science fiction and Fantasy/Magic. I had combined them but some require thought to think how the world would look if combined, can you complete this logic chart? Here it is:
Medieval/Colonial: As is
Medieval/Colonial+Sci Fi= Steampunk (Coal powered machines, robotic arms all powered by steam.
Medieval/Colonial+Fantasy= ?Whats your answer?
Sci Fi+Medieval/Colonial= Whats your answer? (Laser swords, robotic knight suits)
Sci Fi+Sci Fi= As is
Sci Fi+Fantasy= Technomancy (Tech powered magic, Accessing magic through technology)
Fantasy+Medieval/Colonial= Whats your answer?
Fantasy+Sci Fi=Magi tech/Automagy (Magic powered machines)
Fantasy+Fantasy= As is

It sounds like you’re distinguishing fantasy set in particular historical periods from fantasy set in secondary (made-up) worlds. Tolkien is distinctly medieval (except in the Shire, but don’t get me started) but there’s fantasy which has a contemporary setting (urban fantasy). And of course every other historical period and setting. You can’t really talk about fantasy that doesn’t have some historical associations.

(Or rather, you can – there are fantasy books which show a world which is completely worked through from first principles, rather than drawn from historical models. But these are damn rare, because it’s damn hard to do. Daniel Abraham’s Long Price series is a good example.)