Can Quixe record transcripts to web site?

Oops, I think I posted this is the wrong spot, so I’m reposting it here. Apologies.

Hi, I’m getting close to releasing my game to beta. I want to release it on a web site using quixe because it seems to be much more friendly with the iPad and smart phones (and also faster in general).

One feature I really want to have is for the game to save every session as a text file in a directory on the web site. I want this of course so I can review how users play the game and hopefully improve the game’s logic and vocabulary.

I know there is a script called parchment-transcript for parchment. I was wondering is there is a way to save transcripts on quixe? Thanks so much!

The script you mentioned is here and it supports only Parchment, but Parchment can play Glulx files as well. There are no plans on porting it to Quixe because of the overlap. I’m not completely sure if you’re comparing Quixe’s speed to Parchment, but there shouldn’t be a practical difference because they both use the same engine.

is this script still working?

I’ve created the database (called “transcripts” as expected), and copied to template to my ~/Inform/templates folder. It does create the game with the terp, however while there are reference to the in the play.html, this if-recorder wasn’t embeded during the release so I had to include it myself.

Also when I play a game it doesn’t seem to record anything (when I check the tables with phpmyadmin).

And how I’m supposed to read the transcripts? If I browse tools/viewer/transcript.php I get “Unknown session ID”

It should be. It hasn’t been updated for a while but it should be stable, as long as you use the Parchment version included with the package.

That means something went wrong with the interpreter installation, but if you put all the files there manually it should work too.

You need to look at what the server says. It’ll give an error message if saving fails which will help narrow down the problem. Go to the browser’s developer tools (ctrl-alt-J or F12, depends on the browser), open the network tab and reload the page. A call to save.php should appear among others. You can then see what the server response is. If it saves the data it responds with “ok”, otherwise there’s an error message.

Use tools/viewer/index.php instead; it contains links to transcript.php with the correct IDs (once there are saved transcripts in the database).

When I navigate to localhost/if/tools/server/save-sql.php it says “POST data not found”

The play.html contains:


but with firefox’s developer tools, in the network part, it doesn’t show at all a call to save-sql.php, only calls to play.html, css, js, zblorb and jpg files. It does call to if-recorder-min.js

I’ve tried again with the parchment setup method instead of the inform7 templates, and there is the call the save-sql.php file, with the OK status. Now there are some sessions entries on the localhost/if/tools/viewer/ page, but every one remains to 0 turns, even if I made some moves.

I seem to recall someone else had that problem as well; I’ll take a closer look.