Can Passages be commented out?

Tweego Version: 2.1.1
Story Format: SugarCube v2.30.0

Is there any way to “comment out” entire passages, including their titles so that those passages aren’t defined?

I’ve tried all three “multi-line comments” mentioned in the various docs ( / * … * / /% … %/ and < !-- … – >, although they seem to work here :slight_smile: ) but none of them work: the passages between them are still included in the story.

For example, I’d like to do something like

:: Passage 1
:: Passage 2

so that the passages are not recognized. This sometimes would be very useful when debugging or otherwise in the throes of story development.

There may be a more graceful way of doing this, but a quick test shows that tweego only recognizes passages if the line begins with ::. Anything before the :: (even a space) prevents it from being recognized as a passage.

Therefore, something like this will work:

//:: Passage 1
Some stuff.

//:: Passage 2
Some other stuff.

Alternatively, start the comment on the same line as the passage name:

/% :: Passage 1
Some stuff.

Thanks! I think those techniques will work fine for me.

Tagging passages with the tag Twine.private will cause Tweego to ignore them.

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Although that does involve somewhat more typing. :slight_smile: