Can I release a glulx file with parchment?

Quixe does not allow transcripts to be saved, and behaves very poorly on mobile (if you start a quixe game on an android phone, the keyboard will bob up and down, while with parchment, it’s easily controllable).

I know parchment can play glulx, but Inform won’t let me release my glulx game with it. Is there any way around this?

Is there a reason to not switch to z-code version 8 so it just works in Parchment?

My file is, I believe, too large for z8. I tried increasing all the tables, but the compiler said something about branching too much. My code is 50000 words.

Parchment’s Glulx support just embeds Quixe, so you won’t see different Android behavior that way.

You can export a transcript from Quixe – it’s awkward but doable if you need to get the data out. See the “Edit” button in the load/save dialog.

Oh, this is nice; this seems like it would solve the transcript problem nicely. Thanks!