Can I lack permissions to edit the name of a topic I started?

OK, I am a total forum newbie so sorry if this is obvious, but is there some kind of restriction on editing the name of topics? I wanted to change the name of the topic where I was posting reviews to flag the most recent one, and I successfully did so yesterday, but today when I open the top post to edit it I see a little prohibition over the topic. Apparently it would let me edit the body text but not the topic.

Ah yeah, if you’re brand new there are a bunch of restrictions. They’ll likely change if you’re around regularly for a while…

Edit: there’s an article on trust levels in Discourse (the forum software) which sorta outlines things, but it’s configurable enough that I think a lot of the actual numbers are different here than the defaults that the article describes. But it’s a useful overview if you’re curious.

Also once you’ve been pretty regular for long enough (not even that long) you can edit other people’s titles, so I updated yours and I’ll try to remember to keep an eye on it.


Thanks for the explanation, I didn’t know that but it makes sense. O_o

Thanks for editing my title too, that was above and beyond. I don’t want to saddle you with a repetitive task so if you see it again feel free to just leave the title generic, then at least it won’t be inaccurate.

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Yes: newer users have a limit on editing their posts after a specific amount of time.

This is to prevent new users from spamming and covering their tracks, or people creating an alt account to be abusive so people see it, then editing the post the next day to hide the activity (although Admin and most users can see edits). Once you hit level 2 (Member) you can edit your posts at will.

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In the meantime, you can ask a moderator to edit your topi’s name…

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