Can Gargoyle play Gblorb files?



how do you make it play the sounds?

You ask it nicely.

A gblorb file is a game file.
Gargoyle is an interpreter to play interactive fiction games.

To make Gargoyle play the sounds inside a gblorb game file, you’ll have to play the game.
If there are any sounds in the game, they will appear when the game tells them to.

they arnt playing for me.


i plyed two games that said they had sounds and pictures and none of them played sound or had pictures.

Part of learning how to use the forum to your best advantage is learning how to ask questions so that people want to help you and don’t feel like they are wasting their time. Ideally, you want to 1) convey that you’ve put thought into the question already (that is, you’re not just being lazy – it helps if you put the effort into using proper spelling and grammar on your posts, too) and 2) give us as much information as possible to work with. It is very very rare that someone gives too much information when they ask a technical question on the forum. Think about all the possible questions we could ask, and give us the answers before we have to ask them. You’ll miss a few, of course – you’ll get better with practice, but everyone forgets to supply some vital information sometimes. The best part about thinking about all the possible questions we could ask is that, in asking the question to yourself, you might figure out your own answer.

So for example, for this problem, here are some questions:
-What games have you tried playing? Are you sure you’re playing a version that has the sounds/pictures? Are you sure you’ve gotten to a part of the game where a sound is supposed to play or a picture is supposed to show? (If so, why are you sure? Did the game say “(hopefully you saw an image there),” or did a walkthrough mention it, or what?) A full answer to this question might look like this:

-Are your speakers plugged in and/or functional?
-What version of Gargoyle are you using? What operating system does your computer run?

The fact that spiny-lover always gets a serious answer is becoming fascinating :’)

I think it’s a good thing that our community is not too quick to eviscerate someone who might actually just be very young or inexperienced.

Which I sincerely admire, I do, but - allegedly - hog here is twenty and studying to be a vet assistant, not fifteen and fighting his way out of high school, which, together with the questions he poses and literary pearls such as this one…

… renders the character as someone either too stupid to be writing IF (or anything else, actually), or someone just having a laugh. I’m betting for the later.

** I think is one of the best answers I ever saw in an Internet forum, I really do!

Haay jus caus im teribal at wurdin quesions doz knott meen im baad att mayking IF gaymes. Don’t judge peoples games before you play them. I can make a great game (im making two).

Just so you know the top writing was a joke.

Real answer: I had a little trouble with that too at first, but then I read the online help on the Gargoyle site and game documentation.
The interpreter can be customized to look like other interpreters and play with other formats.
For instance if you want to play a game in Tads, set it to Tads mode and it will play.
Tads 2 does not have pictures or sounds.
If you are using zblorb and don’t get sound or pictures, you probably have it in Tads mode.
I suggest going to and read the Help, FAQ, and readme.

Does Gargoyle really have online documentation somewhere? It’s news to me; even the wiki is slanted toward developers rather than end users.

It ships with sound and graphics enabled, for several IF formats. There’s no such thing as TADS mode; multimedia TADS is not supported, and text mode is used for all TADS games. Graphics and sound are also not supported for Z-Machine games.

If you’re only having fun at the expense of the original poster, I’d prefer you didn’t spread misleading facts about my project to do it.

Screenshots of several modes.

As you can see, it supports graphics and text in some modes, and only text in others, and yes there were other pages from 1981 to 1997, but they were taken down to make way for links to the expanding Brass Lantern, Intfiction Database, and the brand new Inform 7 site.

No, I was not making fun of him.
If I was, I wouldn’t write the first line.

I already said it doesn’t support Tads 3, only Tads 2.

Noob, you do realise that you’re arguing with Ben Cressey, the current maintainer of Gargoyle, right? I’m sure he knows a lot more about the program than either you or me, and when he says that there’s no such thing as a TADS mode, you can be sure that’s the way it is. (What you’re seeing on that page you linked is simply screenshots of different games, not different modes.) You’re also wrong when you say that it doesn’t support TADS 3.

I wonder why it came like that when I downloaded it. :unamused:
Isn’t it possibles that he forgot exactly how he coded it in 1994?
He didn’t even remember there were other pages to his site!

bcressey, there are games you can play on it.
Just because the default screen is for developers doesn’t mean the entire use for it is.
By the way, my main format is either Tads 2 or Tads 3 (HTML Tads Playkit).

You should trust what Ben said. TADS 2 and TADS 3 both support graphics/sound. It’s just that Gargoyle, due to it using the Glk versions of TADS2/3, does not support graphics in TADS.

You can read more about HTML TADS vs Plain TADS here:

And this does have nothing to do with TADS 2 vs TADS 3. Both can be either multimedia/html, or plain text.