Can a backdrop also be a container?

I know scenery can be a container. I’d find it convenient for a backdrop to be, but I get an error when I suggest it. I can see why it might not be possible, but it’d be nice for my purpose, otherwise I’ll have to do a bit of behind the scenes moving of stuff.

The Standard Rules define a backdrop as a kind of thing, so it can’t be a container. You may be able to get the effect you want by creating a separate container and making it part of the backdrop.

Yeah, the method used in the example “Puff of Smoke” is

The worldview is a privately-named backdrop. It is everywhere. [Something] is a container incorporated by the worldview.
Since the worldview is privately-named it can’t be referred to by the player (usually) and it brings all its parts with it everywhere.

Great idea. I’ll give it a go.

My situation is not quite so simple as my question may have suggested, so it’ll take a bit of fiddling. I’ll report back.

Fantastic. In fact the backdrop only appeared in a single 4-room region, but the same principle applied. Thanks.

I implemented a boat as a supporter incorporated in a backdrop. The backdrop being in all the rooms in the at-sea region. It works well. Thanks again.

You can implement a backdrop as a container by adding in the relevant I6 properties, like so.


An allplacebox is a kind of backdrop. An allplacebox can be enterable. An allplacebox can be openable. An allplacebox can be open. An allplacebox is always enterable, openable and open. Include (- class K5_container -) when defining an allplacebox. Include (- has container -) when defining an allplacebox.

The description of a room is “Every room has a closet.”.

The First Room is A Room. The Second Room is A Room. The Third Room is A Room. The Fourth Room is A Room. The Second Room is east of The First Room. The Third Room is south of The Second Room. The Fourth Room is west of The Third Room. The First Room is north of The Fourth Room.

The closet is an allplacebox. The closet is everywhere.

Test me with “enter closet / exit / e / enter closet / exit / s / enter closet / exit / w / enter closet / exit / n / enter closet / exit”.[/code]

It’s a similar tactic to the one used in the extension Rideable Vehicles to make a person a supporter. I use a similar method to implement the floor/ground as something you can sit down on.

I used this originally, but found that inform will report the room header as “Room (on the supporter) (in the backdrop)” rather than “Room (on the supporter)”. I guess this works particularly nicely if the backdrop is the sea in your case, but if the backdrop is a dummy item meant to be invisible, it doesn’t work so well.

Hope this helps.

Customize the room description heading rule to change that line.

Sorry to be so long chasing this up, but I didn’t actually place the player ON the boat, just in the location - the player is just assumed to be on board. However, things can be placed on the boat. The game just reports the room name, and in every sea-borne room I further describe the boat and contents.