Calling the RestoreAction from a menu.

I’m trying to do a simple menu right at the start of the game so that the player does not have to scroll through the intro every time they start up the thing.

Admittedly, I have very little idea of what I’m doing, so I cannibalized finishOptionRestore and got the following bit of code:

        if (RestoreAction.askAndRestore())
  ;  //<-- This leads to the original menu.   

It works just fine for the most part. If the player doesn’t select a saved game, it just knocks them back to the original menu with the NewGame, Restore and Quit options. But there is one weird result: for some reason, when I load a save from this code, it is loaded twice in a row… or at the very least, the Look Around description is shown twice so that when loading a savegame, instead of showing:

It shows:

There’s no other weird behavior apart from that and loading the save from the Restore parser command works as intended.

Any idea what’s wrong?

I have no idea, your code sample is little too terse for me. But I would suggest to look on the Return to Ditch Day game source code which could be downloaded as an example on or on ifdb. At the beginning of the main.t file there is what I thing is precisely what you are looking for. Look especially on newGame method of the gameMain object and how in one situation it calls runGame(true) and in other runGame(nil).

did you ever get this to work? :slight_smile: I need it because of reasons.