Call for testers for an Introcomp Submission

Hi! I made a game in Inform 7/Glulx for Introcomp, called The Terrible Doubt of Appearances. You type words, and things happen. It’s good clean fun!

I’m looking for a couple of testers to help make it even better. Given that it’s an introduction, the game is short, the narrative is linear, and the puzzles are very simple. But don’t let that deter you! In fact, I’m sure these awesome features will persuade you.

The awesome features:

  • an original fantastic setting, beginning in 1900s America (it has an Alice in Wonderland vibe)
  • Walt Whitman poetry!
  • in-game tutorial and hint system
  • travel by landmarks (as opposed to compass directions)
  • Threaded Conversations by Chris Conley for quiptastic quippery!
  • did I mention Walt Whitman poetry?

I’m looking for help with anything that can be improved, from the writing to the design and implementation. And bugs! And anachronisms. Man, how I hate anachronisms. Also, if anyone needs their game tested, I’d be happy to swap! (That is, if authors can test each other’s games. I don’t see anything against it in the rules, but sometimes I miss things when reading. Like anachronisms.)

As the submission date for Introcomp is July 20th, I’d like to have a testing deadline of July 12th, so I have enough time implement changes. As a tester, you will be acknowledged in the credits section, including the final release of the full game.

Thanks so much!