Cactus Blue Motel Extras

Hey all!

I meant to get these out in time for the comp, but time makes fools of us all. I might add to this thread as I produce more extras and feelies, but for now please enjoy these supplementary soundtracks to Cactus Blue Motel!

First is a purely instrumental soundtrack. No lyrics, so if you want to listen to it alongside the game, it could work out nicely.

Cactus Blue Motel Instrumental Soundtrack

Secondly is a mix-tape style soundtrack of songs I listened to and that informed me while I made the game. Much more varied styles and sounds in this one, so heads up.

Cactus Blue Motel Mix-Tape Soundtrack

Hope you guys enjoy!

Aw, I just played this and then I saw the post. Anyway, the soundtrack is recommended and bumped. Any desert soundtrack with “Dark Was The Night” is doing something right.

(Was Paris, Texas an influence on the soundtrack here?)

I was really confused for a sec, cause I thought of the city and then I realized it was probably a film. So uh, no. XD Is it a good film?

I’ve never actually seen it, although I should! It’s just that it’s a film set (partly) in the Texas desert and its soundtrack (which my parents had a copy of) has a performance of Dark Was The Night. So I wondered if that helped inspire the inclusion of Dark Was The Night in this Texas desert soundtrack. But I guess not!