Buttons in Games

I wanted to test out some of the ideas in this thread, so I made a very basic mockup:


This is an Inform game where you can use the keyboard arrow keys to move around, or some clickable buttons on the left.


  1. You have to type ‘yes’ before you can use those features.

Technical reason why:


I use ‘submit_line_input’ to submit text input to the main window. But I don’t know how to use quixe/glk to access the main window, so I just throw in a global variable called ‘lastwindow’ and anytime some text gets submitted, I set lastwindow to that window. So you have to type something first.

  1. The arrow buttons aren’t arranged in a pleasing compass rose. I don’t know how to do that in CSS, but someone easily could.

Let me know what you think! I think this would go best with a map-displaying extension like Xavid created. I’m not sure I really like either of these methods (the arrow keys especially limit the ability to copy your last command by hitting ‘up’).