Bug with verb containing the word "of?"

Is this a bug?

[code]Colocation relates an object (called first item) to an object (called second item) when the location of the first item is the location of the second item.

The verb to share the home of (he shares the home of, they share the home of, it is shared in home, he is sharing the home of) implies the colocation relation.

Every turn:
showme a random thing sharing the home of the player;
showme a random room sharing the home of the player;

Test is a room.[/code]

The first showme works just fine, but the second one doesn’t compile:

Changing the preposition from “of” to “with” allows this example to compile and run successfully. Alternatively, “a random room” can be changed to “the list of rooms,” and that also works. It looks like after the compiler fails to match the phrase “room [way] from/of [a room],” it stops looking for ways to parse the line.