Bug when creating an event

I just tried creating an event for the Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2023. When setting the end date, I wanted to create an end time of 23:59 to indicate the end of the day, but it changed this to 13:45. I tried selecting 23:45 and again it changed it to 13:45. I tried setting it to 00:00 and it changed it again, but I don’t remember what it changed it to.

At some time during my attempts to get the time right, it changed the end date to a few days earlier than I had selected.

Something appears to be broken when setting the end time and possibly the end date.


So the Event Creator is just a utility to generate a block of code that is your event.

[event start="2023-04-05 01:15" status="public" name="Test Event" timezone="America/Chicago" end="2023-04-05 02:15" allowedGroups="trust_level_0"] [/event]

I had to do it a couple of times to get the hang of it, but one thing you can do if you have the wrong time is just edit the code block if that’s easier.


I did that actually. That fixed it, but it shows the times as local times, which is probably a good thing, and that had me baffled at first.


Yeah: unless you specifically change your setting, I believe the forum translates any machine generated time to your local relative time.

That’s what the calendar icon is for. If I choose insert date and time (which you can adjust) it puts the date in a format that translates to the relative time for the viewer:

[date=2023-04-04 timezone="America/Chicago"]
[date=2023-04-05 timezone="America/Chicago"]
[date=2023-04-05 time=15:00:00 timezone="America/Chicago"]
[date=2023-10-05 timezone="America/Chicago"]

Which for me right now shows Today, Tomorrow, Tomorrow 3:00 PM, and October 5, 2023.



Ooh, that’s neat. I must try that.