Bug report! "Parse tree broken"

Posting this here since it was recommended that I do so since the bug tracker is no longer up.

When trying to compile

After reading a command:
           if the player's command matches string of Debug:
                 say "something".

where Debug is either a thing or an instance of a kind of thing, and string is a text (or an indexed text), the following error is thrown:

  >--> An internal error has occurred: Parse tree broken. The error was
    detected at line 1656 of "inform7/Chapter 13/Parse Tree.w". This should
    never happen, and I am now halting in abject failure.

This bug does not occur with if the player's command matches string:, only when it’s specified what object the text is a part of.

This bug can be replicated in a new project with no extensions.

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I assume your example starts with

Debug is a thing.
Debug has a text called string.

I can’t help you with the crash, but I think you’re looking for this phrase:

if the player's command matches the text string of Debug:

Don’t worry, I figured out how to do what I was trying to. I just wanted to report the bug.