Bug printing -2147483648 (smallest Glulx number)

Section 15.2 of Inform manual states that the smallest number represented in Glulx is -2147483648, yet the following code prints gibberish.

Test is a room.

When play begins:
	let n be -2147483648;
	say "n=[n].";



So I assume there is a bug in the printing of the number routine, or else a bug storing the smallest number available? Anyhow, I’ll file a bug report.


I’m getting the proper response when I run your code on the Mac IDE. Maybe it’s a bug in the interpreter?

It would be an interpreter bug, yes.

I’m traveling and can’t look at this until next week. But if people could check glulxe, git, and lectrote, that would be helpful.

It works for me in the Windows IDE.

I’m using the Git interpretter, so sounds like this might be the culprit.