Bug in the PWA version of the intfiction.org forum (high GPU usage)


I’m not sure where to report this, but I’m really enjoying using the PWA version of this forum.

For those that are not aware, a PWA is essentially a wrapper for a website such that it appears as a native application in Windows / Linux / Chrome OS / Android + more. It makes it nice and easy to click a shortcut directly from the start bar.

You can install the PWA for this site by clicking an “install” icon at the right hand side of the url bar at the top of the webpage (assume I’m referring to Windows 10 as the OS for now).

Anyway, I click this icon, then the site is installed as an app in a window. Then I can pin the site to the start bar, which is AMAZINGLY USEFUL.

The problem is that I’ve noticed is high GPU usage (in the Windows 10 task manager) to if the intfiction.org PWA is running. It’s taking about 15% of my GPU resources, even when nothing is animated or happening on the screen, which may not sound like much, but typically the GPU should be running at 1% and it appears that going up to 15% GPU clocks up the GPU such that it heats up. This heat generation also causes my CPU to throttle in other applications I’m running on my PC at the same time.

This dramatically heats up my laptop and kills the battery life of the laptop.

This kind of behaviour is synonymous with nefarious websites, that might use GPU resources in the background to mine crypto currency for profit. I don’t believe that this is the case here, and I imagine it’s some kind of accidental bug or issue in the PWA implementation.

But it does mean that the PWA application cannot be used without roasting my legs, and I think it’s worth reporting so that the developer of this site can investigate.

Sorry if all if this is a bit technical. The long and the short of it is that there is an issue with the PWA version. If you are using an “off the shelf” forum library, it’s worth checking their forum for “HIGH GPU” related issues, and possibly upgrading to a fixed version.



Update: this seems to be happening with all installed PWAs (I’m using the new Edge browser).

I wonder if anyone can tell me if they are having the same issue with the same browser, or if they can try installing the PWA using Chrome, and then check their GPU usage before and after?

Sorry, I don’t really know anything about that. I suggest you raise the issue at the Discourse forum: https://meta.discourse.org/