Bring Out Your Dead discussion

The Bring Out Your Dead jam organized by Emily Short encourages designers to post unfinished works that they want to abandon, but also to give people the chance to see. There are many interesting things here.

On the jam page Emily writes:

Many authors have presumably done this on their game pages, but some of us probably have more to say than we said there. And maybe other people want to discuss the works. So this thread is for discussing more about your abandoned work, or someone else’s, or any discussion related to the jam.

Sometime I will post something about my entry, The Plains Glider… not tonight, though.

[Mods–I’m not sure whether this should go in the game discussion forum, though it could be as much about design as about playing the games. Please move this if there’s a better place for it.]

I’ll be Twitch streaming playing these games tomorrow at 4pm Central time:

I can’t believe how many entries there are, this is going to be a blast! I hope I can get through at least half of them :open_mouth:

I just posted Five Gods Exiled, my IF procedural generation extravaganza.

Play in your browser
Design notes
Source code (only compiles under 6G60)


maga posted about his entry on his blog recently, a brilliant write-up IMO.

edit: link, … atchmaker/

Here’s my RNG playlist:

Chameleon Chow Down
How to Kill a Project
The Shotgun Adagio
Form & Void
BOYD - Camp Defender
Chapel of the Wolverine
Untitled Prototype
The Doorman
Agario Simulator
Maze Crazed
Always Dog and Not-Your-Person
Super Xtreme Family Stunt Car Challenge
Press X To Ride
Subgay Surfer
Ninja Cannon (Dead Project)
The Wedding Party
BOYD - sparkle
Five Gods Exiled (Abandoned WIP)
RGBA: The Digital Maze
The Plains Glider
Stepchild (BYOD)
The Summoner
The Hunt - Unfinished
Under the Village - Unfinished
One-Room Drug Lord game
Simple Things
Nuts and Bolts
Symple Home Renovations
Text Racrs
Interactive Comics Prototype
Tower Quest Prototype
Once upon a …
Ghost Lantern
Beat Fighters
IFDB Spelunking 2
Flashpaper Prototype
Before the Faire
Trench Run
BOYD - protorelief
BOYD - protoplanet
Total Oblivion, More or Less: the RPG
Alpha Strike
Things That Happen Behind Closed Airlocks
Aspect of God
BOYD - asymptotes
Bee Gardener
The Infinite Melancholy of Space Duty
Two Storygames
ABANDONED Scenes From A Starport Restaurant
Terminal Love v2.0 Title Screen
BOYD - Vocal
BOYD - Little Strawberry Adventure
The Jewel of Alithia
BOYD - protofeuilles
BOYD - protoshmup
3D Safe Platformer
Save Me Derek
Meromy (Abandoned)
Shaolin Quest (Dead Project)
I Butterfly

(if there are more entries added after this list was created, I’ll roll them numbers and slot them in 30 mins before starting.)

Looking forward to seeing these being played! I thought I’d mention something about my two entries here, though, to avoid any confusion: CAULS is the actual game, and Occulted (earlier in your list) is a twine-based tour/walkthrough of it.


Good to know! I moved CAULS up together with Occulted.

This is really neat.

I’ve been messing around with it for about an hour and I really love how it works. You’ve accomplished some really elegant procedural generation in I7, and it’s quite impressive. The way it generates the characters, in particular, is really great. The story is infinitely replayable, and the map system is nicely done. As someone who makes similar things in I7, this reeks of that all-too-familiar feeling of “really fun to code, but not too fun to play”. This is only half-true. I think that these core engine pieces could work together to make something really excellent. With just an extra layer of paint (as in, a whole lot of [one of]…[or]…[purely at random] statements), you could easily smooth over the cracks in the procedural environment and make a completely procedural yet verbose map. The god/science/power/anabasis/katabasis theme is good, but it never quite takes off. I think that workshopping the procedural generation could result in a really strong and coherent theme. The code itself seems very RPG-like, and was fun to toy with. I am excited to see if you have any projects similar to this, or that you’ve made in this same vein.

Why thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Re: [one of][or][purely at random]: Because of the way the rooms are built, this would actually have to be done in expanded “if” statements (because otherwise room text would change between “look” statements). I had considered it for the long term, though.

I haven’t made anything else in the same vein. I’ve considered a few other uses for the underlying system (a lineage game, for example, where you’re a ghost accompanying randomly-generated descendant after descendant), but I didn’t make progress on any of them.

Workshopping the narrative is an interesting suggestion that I hadn’t considered. Right now, even if I acquired the perfect narrative fix overnight, I wouldn’t have time to work on it - but I’ll keep it in mind as an option.

Would you be able to use [one of][or][sticky random] (§5.7)?

I forgot that existed! Possibly, but it would depend on exactly when the actual message is established. (For these purposes, setting the same random result in multiple rooms isn’t much better than getting multiple random results in the same room.)

With the [one of][or][purely at random] structure, yes, it would change between each look. You’d need to use [sticky random] instead, I think.

I’m actually really amused you mentioned a lineage game, because that’s the kind of project I’m using these same ideas on. I have the idea of like a feudal/medieval setting with procedurally generated houses and politics, and gameplay consists of moving between the generations of these families and inspecting the dynamics. It’s been on the backburner forever, because it’s one of those projects that is fun to build/observe but not incredibly engaging to play.

At any rate, really cool stuff!