Breaking things

I’m initialising a notebook that the player can rip the spiral-binder from. Here’s the code:

The Testing Ground is a room.

Your notebook is here.

The description of your notebook is "A large notebook, full of your scribblings. A metal spiral-binder holds the pages together." Understand "log", "experiment log", or "experiment notebook" as your notebook.  Your notebook is breakable.

Instead of attacking your notebook:
	now the binder is not part of your notebook;
	move the binder to the player;
	change the description of the binder to "The metal spiral-binder you ripped from your notebook.";
	say "You rip the spiral binder from your notebook. Pages fly over the floor, but you pick them up, along with the binder and shove them i your lab coat.";
	change the printed name of your notebook to "your broken notebook.";
	change the description of your notebook to "A collection of pages which [italic type]were[roman type] part of your notebook, until you ripped the binder off it."

The binder is a thing. Understand "spiral-binder", "spiralbinder" and "spiral binder "as the binder.
The description of the binder is "The metal spiral-binder holds your notebook's pages together."
The binder is part of your noteboook.

However, Inform says “now the binder is not part of your notebook” is too vague a phrase. Any ideas of how to implement this?

Actually you don’t need that line at all. When you move an incorporated item to a new holder (for example, “Move the noun to the player”) the item automatically ceases to be incorporated by its (former) holder.

Oh, okay. Cheers!