Breaking apart the code into files in I7?

My I7 source code is getting a bit big and hard to navigate. Is there a way I can break out a parts and include them? Something like extensions but not as self-contained? More like an #include directive. Does that exist? Better yet, how do you handle source code in I7 when it gows past a few thousand lines?

Generally speaking, this is what chapters are for. (Assuming you’re using the UI.)

Different authors have different preferences for how to do it. Some keep it all in one file using Inform’s headings system, others use extensions. For Kerkerkruip we currently split the game’s code into 24 extensions.

how do you create an extension? Where does it go? Can it be in the same folder as the main code. (I’m using SVN and would like to keep all my code in one spot) Documentation seems light.

The next version of I7 will hopefully make this easier, but for now they have to go into the main extensions folder. Some people use symlinks to keep it in the version controlled folder, but I just copy the files across.